What kind of manuscripts can I submit?
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GRIN specializes in the publication of scientific texts.

All academic papers, regardless of age and subject area, such as, for example,

  • Assignments, seminar papers, term papers

  • Bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis and diploma thesis

  • Dissertations / doctoral theses

  • Essays, presentations and analyses

  • Lesson plans and course material for students

  • Specialist books, scientific papers

  • Lecture notes by lecturers

What we do not publish:

  • Short texts which are not of scientific nature

  • Texts with illegal, inflammatory or discriminatory content

  • Solutions of legal cases

  • PowerPoint presentations without sources

  • Poems / Poetry

  • Fiction (novels), children’s books

We also reserve the right to reject texts that have been generated entirely or to a significant extent by an AI, as these do not meet our scientific standards.

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