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The GRIN affiliate programme for authors
The GRIN affiliate programme for authors

Earn an extra 5% on sales

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5% provision on every sale with your personal affiliate link

No matter if you want to promote your own work or earn money from the sales of all other GRIN texts - simply add a link to your own paper in your social media profiles to earn (an additional) 5% from sales or link to any other paper at GRIN for this extra bonus.

For your own text

You will receive your regular author's royalty according to the contract and the royalty table plus 5% on top for each sale made through your affiliate link.

For every other text

You will receive 5% on every sale of any paper submitted through your affiliate link.

It's as simple as that:

  • Log in your existing GRIN account or register, if you are new to GRIN

  • Go to "Invite friend & more" in your GRIN account

  • Copy your affiliate link

  • Spread your affiliate link

Where can you find the affiliate programme?

To access the affiliate programme, click "Invite friend & more" in your GRIN login area.

Your personal affiliate link

In the lower right area of the partner programme page you can now copy your personal affiliate link.

You may share this link via email, messenger and your social media channels. If someone visits our webshop via this link and purchases any kind of writing, you will receive a 5% bonus on all sales according to the royalty table. These royalties will also be stated in your regular quarterly statement.

Please note:
Your individual affiliate link will be displayed in your GRIN account.The link shown in the graphics above is for example purposes only and is not usable.

Linking an individual text

Please note:
With your personal affiliate link, you will link to GRIN's website in general. However, you can also use this "trick" to link to individual texts (e.g. to your own publication(s)).

All publications have their own individual catalogue number.

The URL (web page address) of a text preview page in our webshop is always structured as follows:[catalogue number (without 'v')]

so e.g.

If you now want to link to the text preview v335280 mentioned here as an example and your partner ID is e.g. "12345", you simply build the link to the preview as follows:

With our partner programme we would like to thank you for your loyalty!

We are delighted that, thanks to your help, even more valuable knowledge will be published.

Source: / You can also find the detailed conditions of participation in your GRIN account.

If you have any questions about the partner programme, our support team will be happy to help you at [email protected] or via chat.

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