How can I upload texts?

Frequently asked questions concerning the upload and the publication of texts.

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To upload your text, open the upload page. Click on the button “select file” and simply upload the desired document. Alternatively, you can drag the file into the field using your mouse. The upload will be confirmed in the next step, where you can also replace the uploaded file with another if needed.

After clicking the 'continue' button, you will have the option to choose a contract option. Select one of the publishing options, confirm that you've read and understood the contract, and click 'Accept Contract now'. You can find more information about the options here.

Once your contract approval is confirmed, you can download the contract and click on 'continue'.

Now you can choose whether you want to publish your text under your real name/full name (taken from your account), under a self-selected pseudonym, or anonymously (without providing a name). Make a selection and click on 'save and continue'.

Finally, you can provide additional details about the text, including the title and subtitle, category, subject, grade, year of submission, and university.

Also, include a brief description of your text (e.g., abstract or introduction).

Under 'Remarks for our GRIN team' you have the opportunity to provide us with any publication instructions (e.g., addnig the names of co-authors, etc.).

Once all entries are complete, click on 'save and done'.

While your work is not yet published, you can still modify these details within your author account. Please fill out the forms as completely as possible. Every piece of information helps interested readers to find your text more easily.

If desired, you can inquire about our premium services, which allow you to enhance your text, for example, with a professional cover.

Finally, an overview of all your uploaded texts will be displayed. After uploading the file, you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

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