Go to GRIN

To upload your work, open our upload page. Click on the green “Select file” box and simply upload the desired document. Alternatively, you can drag the file into the box with the mouse.

After that, you will be prompted to choose a contract option. At this point you can download and save the contract. Select one of the publishing options, read the contract, and click Accept Contract. For more information on the options, click here .

You can then provide further information on the text: titles and subtitles, year of submission, grade and university. Please note special requests and hints in the field “Notes” (e.B. sales price, pseudonymous/anonymous publication or names of co-authors). Please select a category (e.B. coursework) as well as the department and save the changes. As long as your work is not yet published, you can still change the information. Please fill out the form completely; any information will help interested readers to find your work more easily.

If necessary, you can find out about our premium services, with which you can upgrade your work with a professional cover, for example.

Finally, you’ll see an overview of all your uploaded titles. After uploading the file, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt via email.

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