Which royalty will I be paid?
Updated over a week ago

E-book royalties are paid out from the first sale. In accordance with the contract and in order to cover our initial production costs, we retain a one-time payment of EUR 50 of the royalty (other regulations may apply to older contracts) generated by printed books. Once your royalty referring to the printed book has exceeded this amount, all additional royalties for book sales will be paid out.

On our overview page, you can download all contracts afterwards. Here, you can read, which regulations apply to your texts.

Since your texts are also sold in countries with different tax models, you may receive different royalties on a text. The complete royalty table can be found here.

In your account, you will find a preliminary overview of your sales. You receive the final overview of actual sales quarterly, with the billing email. Deviations may arise here, if customers cancel your purchase, or we have not received the payment for it.

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