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Yes, you are allowed. This applies if you are studying at a public university and neither the university nor your supervisor specifically claimed the rights of use for your texts. As long as the paper has not been graded yet, however, the work is subject to the exam regulations and may only be published afterwards.

This may be regulated differently at private universities, or in dual courses, or for texts in cooperation with companies. Please check your study or training contract – or ask your university or company directly.

In which cases am I NOT allowed to publish my academic paper?

  1. If the university or thesupervisor hasbeen grantedexploitation rights and rights of use.

  2. Ifthe text has not yet been evaluated. Until the official evaluation, the work is subject to the right of examination.

  3. At private universities, in the caseof dualcourses of study or cooperation with companies, a publication must be clarified in advance. Please check your study or training contract – or inquire directly with your university or company.

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