Can I still make changes to my text?

You have spotted an error or uploaded the wrong file

Updated over a week ago

As long as your work has not yet been published, you can always submit an update or change the text details at any time.

Submit update before publication

  • Please send us the update by e-mail to: [email protected]

  • Please mention the catalogue number of the text
    (You may find the catalogue number of the text in the confirmation email you received after uploading or you may find it in your GRIN account under "My texts".

Change text data before publication

Go to "My texts" in your GRIN account and select the relevant text from the list by clicking on the title.

In the navigation on the left, click on "Master data" - you can make changes here:

Click on "Abstract or introduction" in the navigation on the left - you can make changes here:

  • a brief description of the manuscript

If the text has already been published, subsequent changes are only possible in exceptional cases, please contact our support ([email protected]).

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