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What are the royalty options?

You can choose between our three royalty options for publication at GRIN:

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1. Publication with a royalty share on sales: You make a profit from each sale and receive a percentage of the royalty every quarter. Our royalty table can be found here.

2. Guaranteed one-time royalty: As soon as we have published your text, you will receive a one-time royalty of 10 euros. You will receive them with the royalty payment. With the one-time royalty, you avoid the risk of your text not being sold. You are guaranteed to earn 10 euros with your text.

3. Open Access Publication: Use this option to make your text available to everbody for free. Potential readers can read the text online, for free. In addition, we publish your text as a printed book and you will receive a share of the book sales. With this option, the book is priced normally, as there are production costs for the GRIN. The royalty table for book sales can be found here.

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