How do I get my royalties paid out?

We pay off royalties with bank transfer or with PayPal

Updated over a week ago

Depending on where you live, we transfer your royalties to you in the following ways.

Europe and all SEPA countries

Within the SEPA countries (e.g. all EU countries), we transfer your royalties via SEPA transfer for free.

Please provide your banking details in the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT format in your
GRIN account.

All other countries

Authors from non-European countries receive their royalties via PayPal.

Please enter your PayPal email address in your GRIN account.

Exception: Authors with a bank account in the USA can also receive their royalties via a bank transfer. In this case, however, a transfer is only possible from a minimum balance of EUR 50.

We do not currently offer other payout options.

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